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The Italian furniture company Meritalia began its history in 1987, when its founder, Giulio Enrico Meroni, opened his own enterprise for the production of upholstered furniture and decor items. At the moment, under the Meritalia brand, four factories are producing, which produce not only exquisite designer furniture, but also marble, wood and metal lamps.

The masters of the Meritalia company are not afraid to bring to life the most daring and extraordinary projects, some of them are created for practical use, some - exclusively as an interesting interior decoration. Attracting everyone's attention with one single interior detail is completely in the spirit of Meritalia. Repeated publications of the brand's furniture in the most famous glossy magazines have repeatedly confirmed that Meritalia is a trendsetter in the world of furniture fashion.

There is furniture for every taste in the Meritalia collections. You can decorate any room with such furniture, with this the owner of the house will emphasize his original taste and unusual views of modern fashion.

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