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Arcari was founded in the Sixties, full of passionate enthusiasm for their work. Their hometown, where company are still based, is Isola Dovarese, a village in the lower Po Valley near Cremona. Today, Giovanni Arcari manages a firm that allows all its customers to decorate their home in their own unique way and with the imprint of their own spirit and style, to be surrounded with clear hallmarks of their personality.

Arcari is specialized in building Provençal-style kitchens that feature a classic look, but also the highest standards of comfort and convenience. Furnishings owe much of their concrete value to the quality of the materials used to make them, starting with genuine solid wood, which is the basic ingredient in all furniture of company. All the materials for trim and fittings, finishes, decorations, counters, sinks, and upholstery are also carefully chosen with expert skill.

Arcari is dedicated to imbuing everything it makes with the expertise, care, and manual skill of the finest artisan tradition, passed down from father to son. That means dovetail joints, maniacal attention to detail, traditional carpentry techniques and exquisite hand-applied finishes.

Arcari creations are built in-house from start to finish, allowing to exercise full control over the quality of both their materials and workmanship. This guarantees that Arcari furnishings are made entirely in Italy.

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