Atelier Sedap France Lead time 60 days

For more than 40 years, Atelier Sedap gather successfully Past and Future: from the past, the company developed an unparalleled expertise in both high quality molding and lighting, from the future, Atelier Sedap select the most successful innovations.

Creativeness and R&D at Atelier Sedap open new possibilities for the use of plaster, and especially new solutions for recessed lighting. For centuries, the properties of plaster have been highlighted: hygrometric regulation, fire resistance, soundproofing. It is now widely recognized as a harmless material according to health regulations and also environmentally-friendly.

Sensitive to the changing trends, Atelier Sedap has developed a collection of lamps, surface-mounted or built-in, which allows highlighting of original habitat and find its full operating equipment in public places, commercial , offices...

Atelier Sedap uses the latest sources developed for optimum performance and innovative effects: T5 fluorescent tubes, LED strips, new generation of metal halide sources.

The complete range is manufactured by Atelier Sedap in France to create a unique offer.

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