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The Nanimarquina factory, bearing the name of the designer Nani Marquina, who created it, enjoys a well-deserved fame as a trendsetter in designer carpets. The use of unusual textures and vibrant colors, not to mention great advertising images, immediately made the brand internationally recognizable.

Nani Marquina, an industrial designer, founded her own business in 1987. She devoted all her energy to creating exceptional carpets and fabrics. The first collection, designed by Nani herself, embodied geometric patterns and bright colors. Quick recognition and a large number of orders for carpets made Nani attract colleagues for cooperation. She has worked with Ana Mir and Emily Pardos, Tod Boonthé, Marty Guichet and Ricardo Ferrer. In 1988, the company already exported its products. In 1989, another product line was launched - blankets, printed fabrics, towels, pillows. In 1992, the Catalan designer met craftsmen from India. This landmark meeting served as a creative springboard and inspired Nani to create stunning new collections that won the 2005 Spanish National Design Prize. In 1993, being on the crest of success, Markina opened her own production in northern India, since this region is known for its rich craft traditions.

According to Spanish designers Ana Mir and Emili Padros, an ordinary flat carpet is too boring, so they have developed a new model for Nanimarquina - with the “talking” name Flying carpet. The main idea was to add volume to the carpet. The result is an original product that can easily replace a sofa in a modern interior. It is convenient to relax on such a carpet, read, watch TV. It is made by hand using the hand loomed technique from natural wool and can have dimensions of 170 × 170 cm or 170 × 255 cm.The elements that give the carpet volume are 140 × 140 × 52 cm or 106 × 106 × 33 cm (optional). They are made of 100% wool felt with a polyurethane filling inside. The carpet is available in gray, green and red.

Nanimarquina is currently a leading company in the field of decorative textiles. Carpets are successfully sold in 45 countries on 5 continents. Among the various awards received by the company, it is worth noting Premio Nacional de Diseno and Cambra Gestio de Disseny, awarded in 2005, as well as the award of the International Fund for Women Entrepreneurs FIDEM, presented in 2006 to the director of the company, which in the same year headed the Association. professional ADP designers.

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