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Born of Biancade, Archiutti grew up following his father who built bikes and motorcycles. And it is precisely in the family workshop that the entrepreneur begins his adventure in the world of furniture. Together with some apprentices, at the end of the Fifties he started an artisanal production of metal chairs and tables for bars and ice-cream shops. The objects that come out of the Biancade laboratory begin to be exported to Northern Europe. A couple of years later, Archiutti intuits to have taken the right path and invests in a production plant. It chooses the Olmi area, along the Postumia, where the company that covers 23 thousand square meters is still located today.

First established in the 1950s, Archiutti has become a dynamic and diversified company thanks to the brilliant intuition of its founder Tullio Archiutti. The work philosophy arises from a true passion and encompasses all aspects of the company. The inspiration derives from an international vision open to new market stimuli. The company produce office furniture in an environmentally friendly manner, utilizing a production system that takes into consideration the principles of sustainability and that aims to minimize environmental impact, including their choice of materials. All of the graphic and communication elements that reinforce brand perception were redesigned, reinterpreted and updated to create a coherent, homogenous whole that conveys a coordinated, recognizable image. That represent the business philosophy rooted in a true and concrete passion which has allowed the company to achieve levels of excellence in the OFFICE FURNITURE world. A positive approach that focuses on the value of innovation, a continuous challenge necessary to be successful. Archiutti aims to combine quality with the research of new shapes and materials without neglecting the technological dimension in technical, structural and multimedia terms. The objective is to launch in the markets a complete and diversified range of products that distinguishes itself for its evolving style.

The production is different: Archiutti produces tables, shelves, wooden furniture for the home. It is in the seventies that specialization in office furniture arrives. The entire production cycle is automated. Production becomes increasingly sectoral and hi-tech over time. Countless collections, numerous elements for a coherent and global vision of the оffice world. All product lines can be combined with each other to create personalised and functional work environments. Archiutti style is the result of constant research for top quality materials and processes and the attention to details; refined and elegant executive offices, attractive and comfortable operational spaces, for everyday work or meeting purposes. Innovation and research characterize the management of the factory which today has a hundred employees and that exports throughout Europe.

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