Cocif Italy Lead time 80 days

Established in 1945 by 9 co-founders working in a small carpenter's shop, Cocif today employs over 350 workers in its 80,000-sqm. manufacturing plant at Longiano, a few kilometres from Rimini. Thanks to an impressive annual capacity of 150,000 wooden doors and 100,000 wooden, PVC and alluminium windows, Cocif positions itself at the very top of the market.

Cocif offers over than 300 different models of doors at least in 70 colors and materials as well as windows, blinds and shutters in wood, wood-aluminium and pvc.

The Wellness line is ideal for public facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, consulting rooms, gyms, offices, etc.). These doors, designed by TD&Z Associates Studio, are the result of intense research aimed at creating public environments with a unique touch of humanity and warmth.

Cocif's high-tech finishing plant is based on a fully automated process which ensures both constant quality and respect for the strict European environmental regulations. Moreover, Cocif offers only quality guaranteed and certified: the company has get ISO 9001 quality certification.

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