QLT Italy Lead time 60 days

Founded in 1985, the QLT Group operates in a complex of six thousand square metres in Rescaldina, Italy, fifteen kilometres from Milan, on the highway linking Milan and its Malpensa Airport.

The QLT company philosophy is simple it has an established large range of good quality products, it prides itself on excellent service and is flexible wherever possible. It has a huge commitment to research and innovation in a highly qualitative context, and a great capacity for customer service from the companies of QLT Group.

The QLT company makes a wide range of low-voltage transformers for halogen sources, dimmers and a line of LED products including light sources, LED strips, current and voltage drivers, RGB control and electronic stabilizers for fluorescent lamps.

One of QLT’s great strengths is being able to rely on specialist and dedicated personnel who can find the right solutions to their customers’ needs in the minimum time. Thanks to excellent qualitative level of its production, QLT Group can afford to offer its customers working guarantees of as long as three to five years on the majority of products, and an indefinite guarantee as far as safety is concerned.

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