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In 2013 in Venice Melissa Lunardi and architect Massimo Tonetto founded a lighting studio called Venicem as a modern extension of the long history of glass design in Murano, Italy. Venicem designs custom lighting while also producing a series of simple and modern ceiling, table and wall fixtures. Drawing from the historic foundations of Murano glass, the pair also uses brass and stainless steel tubes to redefine what Italian lighting fixtures can be. Their latest line, the Mondrian, is inspired by the Dutch master with simple lines and orthogonal shapes of glass and metal. The beauty of their work is the combination of the rich historic foundation of Murano glass and the clean-lined modernism of simple materials to create original designs.

Venicem is a Lighting Design studio that works on specific projects. From the concept to the realization, every step is carried out by their creative and technical team that works together in order to create unique realizations for selected environments. They always go for the best materials as well as for the most valuable productive process in which they are used. Their products are tailored by artisans and hand-crafted in detail, with the purpose of guaranteeing the highest quality in commerce.

Meticulousness regarding basic forms, design elegance, and attention to finishes outline the contours of the destinct, self-defining language with which artistic director Massimo Tonetto expresses himself. Their lamps’ simple recurring shapes – squares, circles and triangles – never tire, but instead become timeless elements precisely due to their familiarity.

Today, Venicem is a recognized world-class leader in creating unique lighting projects. The company that creates unique, hand-made lighting and custom-made designs for clients worldwide, mixing innovation and the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

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