Fusital Italy Lead time 60 days

The idea was simple but daring; to transform handles into functional components of careful and sophisticated design and planning. Fusital was born in 1976, with the aim of involving world-renowned designers and architects in creating a collection of true designer door handles – not something for the mass market.

To achieve such a thing needs industrial credibility and image authority. The initiative of Fusital, which has all that, finds in the designers an enthusiastic response and a commitment without reservation. Eero Aarnio, Ron Arad, David Chipperfield, Antonio Citterio, Foster&Partners, Hans Kolhoff, Yoshimi Kono, Richard Meier, Jean Nouvel, John Pawson, Renzo Piano and Ricardo Bofill, are some of the designers of the unique collection which enhance the cultural and technological Valli&Valli heritage with exclusive connotations.

Each Fusital handle is culture of design, author signature, and it is entirely drafted, created by a world famous designers or by a rising stars architects on the way to become archistars. Fusital became sinonymous of elegance and research applied to design, and each single Fusital piece has achieved a high value due to its uniqueness. Fusital handles are made in Italy and dedicated to the most demanding and sophisticated clients.

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