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The company was born in Cittadella (PD) in 1975 in a little workroom in “delle Forche” street where Giovanni Gobbo and his wife Teresa Zanon started the production of custom-made sofas. After this first period, Gobbo Salotti gradually begins to make a wider range of products until reaching, in 1982, the supplying of upholstery for the mythical train "ORIENT EXPRESS" and for the “CONFERENCE” train prepared by the Italian Railways in 1990.

The new Evergreen collection by Gobbo Salotti comes to life from the idea of ​​creating a sofa that never goes out of fashion, contemporary but with a seventies style, thanks to the details, such as the button, the live seams and the tender barrè padding typical of those years. The advantage of this sofa is that it can be created in an infinite number of compositions, changing colors and fabrics, so it can be combined with any environment. Solid color or multicolor, it is suitable for those who want to give a touch of personality to their home. The sofa is the highlight of the house Gobbo Salotti. The Evergreen sofa was born from a design conducted by Alessandro Corina in synergy with the design studio of Gobbo Salotti; this collaboration has brought to life the first piece of a collection that squeezes the eyes of the past but expresses all its "evergreen" modernity with sophisticated details such as the titanium-colored stirrup feet and the use of fabrics produced with innovative technologies. The Evergreen collection is also composed of an armchair and a puff.

Thanks to over 40-years experience, the company is now able to offer a trustworthy production, where the standard is represented by the accurate choice of the materials, the careful working and the meticulous quality control. Thanks to this method Gobbo Salotti is now able to offer to all its customers a 10-years warranty on all its products.

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