Domus Arte Italy Lead time 60 days

Domus Arte is a leader company in the market of furniture made of solid oak, the maximum of the experience and italian design. The company works in different markets, Europe, Russia and United States, collaborating with best designers and architects of the moment. Domus Arte looking always for new challenges and new products to guarantee to their customers only the best.

Domus Arte is the maximum of design and the quality of solid oak to giving you the perfect handcrafts, modern product. European oak as one of most precious essence of wood, of very high quality, resistence and stability in time, is well adaptable to each home, starting from the kitchen to the bathroom. Beauty and quality without compromises!

Domus Arte offers different styles to furnish your home as your need. Creativity and quality to obtain the maximum comfort. Thanks to countless finishes and colours, each furniture become a single piece, a true work of art that could make precious each context, from a classical villa to a modern loft.

Domus Arte offers large precious space to contract scope. Starting from design and planning to the final real production, engineers and designers will be at your disposal to give you the best solution.

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