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Founded in 1895 by Johann Bretz in the town of Gensingen (Mainz), Bretz have a long tradition of luxurious, authentic upholstery hand-made in Germany. The Bretz Collection includes couches, sofa-beds, armchairs, chairs, tables, beds, mattresses carpets, mirrors and cushions that are sold in 26 countries worldwide.

With decades of experience in handcrafting and experimenting with different materials, Bretz puts extreme forms into realization creating truly extraordinary pieces. Being famous for vivid colours of high quality fabric and leather materials, the manufacturer offers a selection of 340 exciting upholstery. Some pieces can be adorned with Swarovski crystals and 24ct gold-plated baroque feet to complete the chic appearance. Extreme shapes and every imaginable colour in the spectrum are about to surround you as you give in the comfort of these exclusive sofas. Despite the bright presentation, there is always a choice of more modest colours and textures for customers who prefer not to draw exceptional attention to their furniture.

Experience warmth and comfort; stylishness and high quality. Bretz is entertainment, a poem, an attitude ahead of our time, aspiring to capture the soul of haute couture of the international catwalks and bring it to your home.

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