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Sovet Italia founded in Italy at the end of the Eighties by six master glassmakers. Sovet Italia is one of the most creative and ambitious Italian glass furniture brands offering products that stand out from the crowd for the originality of their design. Glass is a daily magic, a fascinating and polyhedric material that can assume infinite shapes, colours and reflections. Sovet Italia transforms it in a range of original, captivating and functional products for home and contract; an exciting challenge that exploits the most innovative processes.

Sovet Italia pieces stand out for their functional and sophisticated designs, adding elegance and style to any space. The common denominator of the whole Sovet product line is glass, a minimalist and elegant material. The Company boasts a long-standing tradition of glass curving, in fact it was among the pioneering manufacturers of wash basins made from curved float glass. The full product range consists of tables, coffee tables, consoles, chairs, mirrors, furnishings, all made with increasingly sophisticated glass varieties, such as the innovative carbon-treated glass, which is complemented by other materials such as wood, steel, ceramics and aluminum, in a bid to meet the needs of a growing and ever-more demanding market. The range extends to designer mirrors which come in many shapes, sizes and colours.

The skills developed throughout 25 years are at the service of special and custom made projects realized by architects and interior designers: through them Sovet Italia aims to spread the design, the craftsmanship and the quality of its collections. Sovet Italia immediately stands out for the functionality and style of its products. They strive to create high quality designs which combine the values of "Made in Italy".

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