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Founded in 1978, Andrew Martin is a UK brand with global authority within the world of interior design. Clients of Andrew Martin include HRH The Queen, Tony Blair, Madonna and the Beckhams.

Offering a wide range of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and home accessories inspired by a unique mix of cultures, nostalgia and decades, Andrew Martin is the go-to place for tastemakers in search of individual interiors with a twist.

Andrew Martin is credited with creating the design philosophy of Fusion Interiors. Fusion Interiors is built around the idea of melding influences from different global cultures. Over the years Andrew Martin pioneered some of the most significant trends including the Oriental vogue of the 1990s and the African influence of the following decade.

The value of escapism and discovery, of rich associations with other times and places, has translated into sophisticated, eclectic designs for fabrics and furnishings which are both contemporary and traditional - and blend seamlessly with artifacts, furniture, and statuary sourced from the East, from India and the Americas, as well as from Britain and Europe. It's wish-fulfilment and fantasy mixed with a spirit of adventure - looking to an alternative present and to the past to create future elegance, style and comfort. This is the Andrew Martin Philosophy.

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