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Accento is an Italian furniture manufacturer, which specializes in chairs, armchairs, sofas and furniture in wood. It is one of the oldest manufacturing company of Udine Area (since 1931).

Accento have managed to renovate the traditional artisan and industrial work characteristic of the zone, by endowing it with renewed vitality, freshness, and a sophisticated taste for (or philosophical approach to) the classic/modern lines and shapes; and by offering collections purposely devised for the contract market, especially for the, hospitality and ship building sectors as a whole.

Accento products are used in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, waiting area, conference room. Accento models are already present in major hotel chains such Hilton, Marriot, Holiday Inn and Radisson. The company co-operate with architects and designers who regularly specify collections, but it is also able to create models of customer’s design.

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