AP Collection Belgium Lead time 90 days

The AP Collection brand, founded in Brussels 2015, brought a new top-end exclusive art/design concept in the luxury market.

APcollection started with a love story between A(lexis) & P(auline). Their long distance relationship pushed them to send to each other all types of teddy bears to fill in the lack of cuddles & affection. Once they were reunited, they decided to create their first creation. This was the beginning of a beautiful story.

Now, the AP creations have been speading around the world in some of the most pretigiuos location. Each creation is handmade in Belgium with the most care.

"We are giving each object its own emotion, name and design meaning that each piece will be unique. Passion, comfort, emotion, uniqueness, creativity & quality are some of the values that we live by at APcollection. We strive to exceed all our clients expectations creating the unexpected."

The soft toys are hand made in various parts of the world. Each has been specially adapted and reinforced for our artistic work. The stuffing is mainly made from recycled plastic bottle waste. AP Collection use by-product meat furs, meaning that all furs are recoveries of animals consumed only for meat reasons and not from intensive breeding.

AP products give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, for you to be unique and lean back in a sphere of comfort and retrieve from everyday stress.

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