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The Artistic Glassware Busato was founded in 1994 by the Master Gino Busato and it has a 70 years experience in glass manufacturing, an experience gained from many years of uninterrupted activity of its founder before and his children later.

The Artistic Glassware Busato makes for each customer an original work, a unique piece of priceless artistic value. The Artistic Glassware Busato is specialized in the production of refi ned chandeliers. Their realization requires great experience, manual skill and artistic sensibility.

Each chandelier glassware is a work of art, completely handmade according to ancient techniques of glass blowing. The production is different from all the other productions of Murano chandeliers for some new original chandeliers, designed trying to meet the taste and needs of modern times, always keeping intact the quality and the tradition of the ancient historic Venetian chandeliers.

The Impressionist Collection reinterprets the color intensity of Impressionist paintings, in the lightness and transparency of the glass. Ancient and wise processing techniques no longer used, mixed with the study of the subject with the effects of the sfumato, make this line the flagship of Glassware Busato. Its unique design is protected by copyrights since October 2008 and owned by the same glassware.

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