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Alberto Smania, founder of the company that bares his name, was captain of the Air force and an official Rally pilot for Fiat. In 1967, in his artisan workshop where iron cast railings and gates are produced, with the iron scraps he conceives his first table.

Rattan and Bamboo are the main characters of the production in the 1970’s , they look abroad in taste, exotic and colonial with a a manual ability to braid and entwine materials, then its briar wood’s turn (American walnut, elm and myrtle, refined finishes that Smania much before others discover – shaped and polished into art: it’s the economic boom of the 80’s.

Today as 40 years ago, Smania furniture are true pieces of art, dedicated to those demanding clients that look for beauty & elegance that desire t chose that which distinguish them.

Smania is the only company in the industry that use "burr" walnut veneer, it is a part of the walnut tree that is very precious & delicate, a great amount of knowledge is required in order to select the veneer sheets and in the working process. Working the burr walnut can be considered a true art, it’s the "haute couture" – the tailor shop of wooden veneer. Each sheet of veneer is paired and sewn together with a special sewing machine and is all handcrafted.

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