Eden Design Belgium Lead time 60 days

Eden Design is a Belgian company, which was founded in 2002. The company specialises in exclusive design lighting solutions. Besides lighting products, Eden is also a supplier of furniture. With their latest LED product On Line, Eden Design has won severel prices such as Henry van de Velde label and a Red Dot Best of the Best award.

Eden Design specialises in lighting solutions for residential as well as commercial projects. All designer products which are extraordinary in terms of technology and design, are designed by various renowned designers, such as Bart Lens, Sarah Olaerts, … .

By being capable of adapting most products according to the client’s needs, Eden Design tend to create a unique atmosphere for each project that you are establishing (a store or a shop, an office, a house, etc..).

Eden Design is very much committed to staying at the forefront of traditional and local manufacturing. All products are made and assembled at their plant in Genk, Belgium, keeping in mind a high quality, research and innovation.

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