Airnova Italy Lead time 60 days

An artisan company specializing in the manufacturing of leather and metal seating for furniture: this is Airnova. Here innovation passes through experimentation of a stitching, the care of the cut and the proposed colours. This is all done in order to obtain an all-Italian quality product, also suitable for the international market.

Airnova has always known how to consolidate and increase its creative and qualitative value with the proposal of an authentic and innovative style, that arises from a multitude of products connected to contemporary culture and the consistency of a global project. Collaborations between AirLab and designers foster a process of continuous development and innovation.

Not even hiding its young age, Airnova guides its creative activity with peerless knowledge and enthusiasm. Combinations of textures and materials that make up a range of proposals from which designers and architects can find ideas to express their creativity and suggest to their clients a customized product that represents, characterizes, and becomes an integral part of them. Dynamic and inventive, a combination that offers quality products to the market, that are environmentally friendly, innovative and surprisingly suitable for both residential and public contract projects.

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