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Venini - the largest and most successful of the Murano glass furnaces, still in business in Murano. Established in 1925 by Paolo Venini. Venini embraced Modernism trends in art and architecture with their new designs in elegant shapes and colors.

Venini also was known for their use of designers to bring new ideas to Murano. Their designers included Napoleon Martinuzzi, Tommaso Buzzi, Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti, Tyra Lundgren, and Fulvio Bianconi. Venini still produces a beautiful line of art vases, some are classic designs, and some new designs introduced every year. Take great care, as occasionally the new “classic” vases are mistaken for the older originals. Venini vases are signed, and the type of signature can give a clue to the age of the piece.

Venini is proud of its legacy, made up of drawings, pictures and works that gather the evidence of Venini’s history, which have lasted for more than ninety years. This is a Heritage that motivates creative minds and fascinates our customers. This unique Heritage is exhibited in the most important Museums and Art Foundation all over the world.

Today Venini exports its products worldwide through its 3 “flagship” stores and more then 800 dealers in over 20 Countries. Venini it’s the biggest craft-furnace: 7 glass masters – 90 employees – 500 tons of silica sand per annum – 100 coulours formulas 15 furnaces running 24 hours a day per 11 months a year – 18 grinding machines – 40.000 items produced any year.

Choosing Venini, for You or as a present, means to be aware of belonging to a world where preciousness is directly connected to the brand itself. Venini’s exclusives creations, refined details, complicated techniques and attention for the finishing touches, communicate luxury, representing the purest beauty of glass art.

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