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Fantoni S.p.A., the beating heart of the Fantoni Group, is located in Osoppo in the province of Udine. Fantoni is a successful industrial entity on the international market of in the production of office furniture. The historical landmark which features the company philosophy is the Multipli project, a range of furniture meant to meet the requirements of office environments designed by architect Gino Valle in 1968. This solution aimed at overcoming the concept of office as a ‘top-down structure’ in favour of an open system in constant evolution by using modularity of dimensions and shapes of the different elements, left bare of all useless decorative or functional details, including handles.

La-con, continuous laminates. Specialized in the continuous production of laminates, finishing papers and melamine papers, La-con is also an experimental laboratory that turns fashions into style. By offering an all-round product mix and a constantly updated range of colors and wood finishes, La-con is able to make customer service its top priority.

Novolegno, a company of the Fantoni Group, with headquarters in Montefredane (Avellino province) is totally devoted to the production of MDF panels. In addition to the standard panel production, Novolegno is also engaged in the production of special panels that bring the advantages of MDF to an increasingly broad range of sectors. Specifically, it makes water-proof thin panels for outside doors and fire-proof panels for fire doors.

On the strength of the Fantoni Group’s technologies and know-how, Patt, with headquarters in Attimis, in the province of Udine, has specialized in the production of sound absorption panels and pre-finished melamine flooring which feature high functionality and a strong visual impact. The latest of Patt’s product – Climacustic – represents the state-of-the-art of technology, combining the specifications of a radiant plant with a decrease of running costs of 30% compared to traditional systems.

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