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Caspani Tino Group, founded in 2002, represents the synthesis of four decades of experience in the furniture field by Tino Caspani, founder and current CEO of the company. From the beginning the company has created collections for the whole house offering to the client the opportunity to furnish every room and choose among a very wide variety of items.

Starting from the classical style, Caspani Tino was able to reinterpret the spirit of luxury Italian furniture, worked and decorated by hand, creating his own style universally recognized and appreciated.

Products of Caspani Tino are strictly manufactured in Brianza region, 20 km far from Milan, the heart of Made in Italy, where the furniture culture finds its roots and is handed down from generations.

Caspani Tino furnishes all your dreams, without limits, giving you the chance to choose among two thousand five hundred items in the catalogue, or developed together with you and your designers custom items.

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