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The history of Carlesso Srl began in 1960 when founder Mario Carlesso created the first lighting fixtures utilizing ceramic and glass, following the best artisan tradition with care and attention to every detail with the refinement of Italian design. The company quickly became the reference brand in the lighting sector constantly renewing its products range, always in the name of quality, style and uniqueness.

Carlesso has always been focusing the products to have high quality and design together with R&D in order to target premium sector. Murano glass, precious fabrics and metals are becoming the means of new “ Made in Italy” expression of creating illumination.

For Carlesso every customer is an individual with questions to which Carlesso is committed to finding the answers. The client’s requests and needs are the company’s inspirational source and its philosophy basis, from the quality of every single piece composing a lamp to the deliveries punctuality.

Carlesso’s creations are art objects that complement each other and give prominence to the environments for which they were created, home or work, and illuminate them with magic to be lived in every moment.

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