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The history of Panzeri is traditionally linked to those values that have always represented their philosophy: quality, research and innovation. This path was established from the very beginning by its founder Carlo Panzeri, a businessman with great experience in the technical and engineering sector. In the 1947 he founded a company specialized in the production of components for lamps; it was a modern factory, using the most up to date equipment and machinery, and it was able to offer its customers, quickly and flexibly, the best solution for every problem. At the beginning of the 1990's, the company decided to develop its own range of lighting products, combining its great heritage of tradition and craftsmanship with a high level of technology. Always on the lookout for new materials and technological innovation, it creates products with the collaboration of young designers. Skilled in glass and metalwork, they display a high degree of expertise and creativity when combining these elements.

Panzeri lamps are made with care and attention to detail, designed to illuminate and decorate indoor and outdoor spaces offering multiple stylistic solutions, produced in Italy at an eco-compatible production plant almost entirely powered by solar energy.

Panzeri lamps are the ideal choice for professionals looking for creative, functional and customizable lighting designs adapted for public and private environments. A choice dictated by the undoubtedly high quality of all products. Careful raw material selection, long tradition of highly-skilled craftsmanship, the adoption of state of the art technology, innovative LED technology solutions and uniquely Italian design: these are the keys to the success of this company.

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