CeramicArte Deruta Italy Lead time 120 days

The CeramicArte Deruta factory, located in the Deruta province of Perugia, specializes in the production of lava stone tables that can be used both indoors and outdoors, in private homes and public places. The materials used are durable, can withstand strong impacts and any weather conditions, even over time the table will not lose its beauty, it will remain the same masterpiece of handicraft art as it was on the day of purchase. Special attention is paid to the quality of the stone; double firing allows to achieve quite bright colors. All tables are hand-painted by the best artists, no decal techniques. Such things will always be valuable, they are the same work of art, like paintings, sculptures. They are produced with the main goal of passing them on to future generations. And they are very atmospheric, they have the spirit of the place where they were created.

An amazing combination of ancient Italian stone carving traditions and modern innovations allows CeramicArte Deruta to create truly unique furniture.

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