Fisionarte Italy Lead time 60 days

Fisionarte products are made directly by their creators and by master craftsmen who weave fabrics and metals, create blown glass, experiment with the coupling of materials or propose others. Experience, know-how, passion, are linked to the desire to innovate, sometimes putting definitions, the "modus operandi" in crisis, challenging the usual classifications that the industrial world imposes with the intention of presenting artifacts that can live for always over time in every place. In this process, memory and knowledge of history are important if the act of looking back serves as a projection into the future.

The main objective of the Fisionarte team is to conceive, develop and produce luminous objects through the expert hands of selected Italian designers and master craftsmen. The proposed works contain emotion and passion to ensure their longevity. They are therefore developed according to a design path free from mental constraints and limits dictated by habits or clichés.

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