Favel Italy Lead time 60 days

Favel srl was founded in 1973 in the outskirts of Venice. A world-famous, century-old traditional handicraft mixed with a more recent, solid experience in the manufacturing of illumination products. Since 1973 Favel artisans have been using traditional materials, such as brass and art glass, to make lamps that bathe rooms in an old-fashioned light. Favel’s artists have always used brass because it allows them to develop their creativity freely. This alloy gives items a special charm and is perfect for art and designer pieces, which can be fitted into classic and modern furnishing contexts.

Favel is a leading company in the sector of decorative and technical lighting. Their three lines (Marina, Elegance and Traditions of Light) provide products for all kinds of lighting requirements and applications, such as lights for houses, shops, shopping centres, offices, work premises,lights for exteriors, gardens, blocks and streets. Lighting is an art. Good illumination can highlight certain kinds of furniture so that special feelings are aroused in the heart of viewers – light has always had the power to stir emotions.

The Favel contract formula is for architects, furnishers, designers, building companies and professionals operating in the sector of furniture and furnishing. The company is able to develope and made special items that cannot be found in ordinary suppliers’ catalogues.

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