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Visionnaire is a brand of IPE (Imbotture Prodot Espansi), founded in Bologna in 1959 by the Cavalli family. Since April 2014, Visionnaire has become part of the Ergon Capital Partners III investment fund of the Belgian baron Albert Frere.

Since 1961, IPE has been participating in the Fiera Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. In the 70s, Luigi, the son of Vittorio Cavalli, joins the management of the company with the goal of developing new collections and entering the international market. In the mid-90s, Luigi's children, Leopold and Eleanor, also join the company, which, under their father's leadership in 2005, launches a separate brand, Visionnaire. Its mission is to offer clients a new concept of luxury interiors, fashionable and in line with the concept of lifestyle. Over the past decade, this renowned luxury Italian world-class monobrand has become widely known for its unique design and aristocratic spirit.

Visionnaire takes an alternative approach to the idea of ​​interior design, offering not individual pieces of furniture and accessories, but a turnkey concept for residential, business, commercial spaces and yachts. Each new interior is created in accordance with the personal needs, style and taste of the client.

“Luxury, style and quality are the core values ​​in the Visionnaire brand philosophy,” says Eleanor Cavalli, creative director of the company. “Our brand is fully consistent with the idea of ​​Made in Italy. We specialize in developing customized solutions for a wide variety of projects. "

Home philosophy Visionnaire implies a fundamentally new attitude to furniture. Not as an inanimate piece of furniture, but as a particular lifestyle of the owner. This vision has been the driving force behind the increasing global demand for Visionnaire furniture around the world.

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