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Mechini was founded in Florence in 1970. Articles from Mechini look like luxurious bouquets of flowers. Murano glass is widely used by Meakin masters. The company produces lamps: ceiling lamps, wall lamps and other accessories: wall clocks, stools and tables. Thanks to the Murano glass products are vivid, unusual, acquire their unique recognizable face.

All of them are unique and are inimitable because of the detail by their highly qualified masters who have consummate skill in every single detail, using deep knowledge and experience. It is impossible to find two identical models. The fixtures by are created manually using the Swarovski crystals, Murano glass, gold and silver.

The chromatic and ornamental effects of the lamps are completely original, resulting from the painters' deep knowledge of techniques and materials. The painters are particularly expert in the use of tempera as well as silver and golden leaves. All of the lights meet EU regulations, following the tradition of joining Swarovski strass or Murano glass to wrought iron. Mechini is a synonym of handicraft.

Perfect craftsmanship, originality and the ability to manufacture individual products are the main components of Mechini’s success which is capable of meeting the ever-growing demands of customers. Among the customers of the factory there are numerous luxury hotels, villas, conference rooms, etc. Choosing Mechini means choosing high quality.

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