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TATO is a young company specialised in light fittings, ceramics, and high end furniture. TATO presents iconic and timeless lamps and decorative objects that appear to have escaped from fragmented memories.

The main goal of TATO’s products is to be high quality, to last a more than a lifetime so they can be passed on from one generation to the next. They achieve this by relying on the best Italian artisans: marble producers from Carrara and other parts of Tuscany, glass from Venice, and the best metal workers of northern Italy. Their lighting elements are all retrofittable (upgradable and future-proof to newer industry standards), so technology is welcome but doesn’t get in the way of the design. Their design is part of a tradition turned towards the manual future, the knowledge of gestures and materials, craftsmanship. According to them, all these elements are what make Italy's international reputation. Indeed, the manual work of matter and shapes would allow objects to retain their value over time.

The result is a catalogue that includes pieces manufactured with precious materials, forged with artisan mastery: Carrara marble, brass, stainless steel, special glasses and platinum glazed ceramics are a few of materials that make up the core of TATO´s collection. More recently, furniture elements and ceramic accessosires were also added to the collection, reintroducing classic works from the past.

The TATO company's objective is to propose a new model that is both structured and poetic. Where visual research is in harmony with industrial experimentation, the philology of new and old materials and techniques as well as the discovery of new production geographies. Thus, it is not only a question of good design but also of a more complex vision of the world, of things and of life.

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