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It all began in 1975 with the first production of shoe cabinets and classical furniture. Tonin’s first catalogue was published in 1982. The early 90s marked Tonin’s first production of modern furniture. With that success, the possibility of expansion to areas beyond Northern Italy came.

Today, the company’s headquarters are located in the Padua area. The company engages in worldwide sales and exporting the values of "made in Italy" with their products. A line of furniture and accessories with an authentic retro style characterized by fluid and welcoming shapes.

The products of Tonin casa are manufactured by choosing fine and elegant materials, obtaining in this way, a very high level of safety and reliability. Each new collection considers very important the coherence of language and forms, so to transform the harmony of composition into a distinctive character, able to last over time.

For Tonin casa, high tech and materials are completed with value of love, present in all collections, because each piece has a soul: the soul of the person who chooses, for their homes.

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