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At Arkoslight, light flows through veins. For more than three decades, time itself has borne witness to their commitment to creating an enormous range of lighting solutions. Day after day, Arkoslight endeavour to bring you the best possible luminaires. The Company's products are meticulously researched, incorporate the cutting edge of technology, boast outstanding designs and meet the most demanding targets in terms of quality. Arkoslight is the creators of the most ethereal element of your surroundings. Albeit perhaps the most unnoticed, there is no doubting its importance in making your habitat more attractive, appealing and hospitable; revealing the beauty and character of the intimate stage on which life is played out.

Arkoslight was founded in 1984 centred to the production of ornamental classic lamps. Encouraged by the success and their initial experience, since 1990 Arkoslight is devoted to designing and manufacturing high quality technical luminaires which meet the lighting needs in architecture, decoration and interior design.

Arkoslight designs and manufactures all kinds of solutions for technical lighting:

  • Ceiling Recessed Lights.
  • Track Lights.
  • Profiles.
  • Ceiling, Surface & Suspended Lights.
  • Wall Lights.
  • Floor Lights.
  • Outdoor Lights.
  • Every kind of accessories.

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