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Abhika company has been established in 2008 from the synergy of several experiences and visions gained in the sectors of interior design, fashion and decoration.

Abhika is an innovative Italian designed accessory company that focuses on originality and creativity in its product offerings. Abhika means fearless - the natural state of being in origin - spontaneous, without conflicts, fears and inhibitions.

Abhika offers an unmistakable furnishing style, with a sophisticated identity, which dips into different worlds and cultures, originally combining inspirations, materials and reinterpretation, where minimal, classic and retro lines design a unique visual and emotional experience.

Abhika is focused on the luxury market, for this reason most of the products are made in Italy, to keep excellent quality level with a strong know-how in manufacturing.

The decorative elements, in all the variables, the search of unusual shapes, the top selection of the materials and handicrafts, the original chromatic choices are the common denominators of Abhika collection and follow a leit motiv: the desire to create an emotion and to give a strong sign of style.

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