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One of the heirs of Capodimonte tradition is Porcellane Principe, a company founded in 1975 near Vicenza, which continues with passion and enthusiasm this ancient school and that over time has earned the admiration of experts and collectors all over the world.

The company Porcellane Principe united the skill of three partners: the sculptor Luciano Cazzola, the creator of the forms Lino Gobi and the artist Sergio Traforetti, who were able to express in their works, and give the people unforgettable beauty and originality of porcelain! The inspiration of the creation of these world famous figurines has drawn from everyday life and great subjects dealt with by artists of the past. Each and every art piece is individually hand crafted and is the result of many hours of the artist craftmanship. The sculptor’s signature and the factory mark are in every pieces ensuring its authenticity.

Time and fashion go by but a statuette produced by Porcellane Principe will always be a safe investement, a prestigious product which will always make a fine showing and an object admired for his beauty, history and long tradition.

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