Luke Lamp Co. United States of America Lead time 60 days

Luke Lamp Co brand customizes LED rope lights, chandeliers, pendants and sconces for restaurants, homes and businesses around the world. Made in New York.

Luke Lamp Co is the work and vision of a young designer, Luke, who creates amazing lighting in the suburbs of New York.

The creative process of brand founder Luke is going backwards. “I’ll find something or a piece that catches my eye somewhere, sit down with a cup of coffee and draw illegible drawings (I’m not an artist) in one of my torn pocket notebooks until I come with a design that I can work with. ... Then (usually four or five patches later) I have something completely different from my original plan, but usually pretty cool nonetheless. "

All Luke Lamp Co luminaires are handmade because “handmade is people. It means being intimately connected with every step of the amazing process that transforms many things into something more unusual ... Handcrafting means that all these people work together in harmony to get a simple lamp design out of my head, into my hands, to the doorstep of my clients. " ...


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