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Since 1920, Toscanini has been producing hangers and systems for storing and displaying clothes, accessories and shoes. For four generations, the Toscanini family has been doing their job with passion and unrivaled craftsmanship. Even today, after 100 years, each Toscanini brand product is distinguished by its superior materials, high craftsmanship and quality finishes, always hand-made. Hangers for clothes and all accessories for the wardrobe combine functionality, ergonomics and design.

Toscanini firmly believes in the value of Made in Italy, which is not just a sign on the label, but a synonym for high quality, craftsmanship and unrivaled style. Toscanini manufactures its products exclusively in Valsesia, a region of northern Italy that possesses the skills necessary to meet the high aesthetics of the company's customers and markets. Today, Toscanini customers are leading international fashion brands that require high standards both from a creative point of view, as well as in terms of quality and functionality. Toscanini hangers can be seen in the most stylish fashion boutiques and exhibition halls, in the atelier of world famous tailors and in the wardrobes of many private houses.

Toscanini works with major fashion brands to design, develop and create unique solutions for them to hang and showcase clothes, accessories and shoes in accordance with their retail concept. Toscanini has developed a number of custom-made hangers to meet the furniture and storage needs of apartments, boats, airplanes and private clubs – virtually any setting where style and sophistication are a must. The design team of the company is ready to face every new challenge.

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