DV Home Italy Lead time 60 days

At the 1974 two experienced woodworkers with their wives that happened to be skilled upholsterers decided to begin a small scale production of tables and chairs together. The result was a company DV Home Collection that became so well-known for its high quality materials and expert craftsmanship that their products quickly became part of all of the collections of the most prestigious Italian kitchen manufacturers.

A rich collection of furniture from the DV Home Collection includes sets of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining groups and more. The materials used for the production of the factory products, are carefully selected and represent the best varieties of trees such as linden, cherry, walnut and others.

In addition to an assortment of furniture factory DV Home Collection is presented full direction of the world, which includes the collection of floor, wall and ceiling luminaires. All lamps and chandeliers are made of high-quality Murano glass.

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