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Founded in 1964 by brothers Antonio, Enzo and Adriano in Casaleone, the heart of the Plains of Verona, Marconcini Stile continues to operate today thanks to the love and entrepreneurial spirit of the sons of Morris and Marco, who inherited the skills of old artisans and, at the same time, significantly modernized the enterprise by introducing modern methods of work.

Marconcini Stile combines classic furnishings with a changing contemporary taste. The company is renowned for its high quality products, based on advanced architectural and technical research in the field of furnishing a wide variety of premises. Naturally, all Marconcini Stile products are made exclusively in Italy and reflect the renowned tradition of Veronese furniture.

Competence, enthusiasm, creativity and continuous improvement of quality are the pride of the Marconcini Stile factory, which controls all stages of production - from design to creation of serial furniture and individual orders - and has already achieved professional recognition in elegant homes, shops, hotels and museums in many countries. the world.

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