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The Italian company Tiferno Mobili was founded by Giulio Chiarioni in Citta di Castello in 1976. Tiferno Mobili owes its name to the historical name of the city, which appeared in ancient Rome on the banks of the upper reaches of the Tevere River, in the northern part of the Umbria region, on the border with the Tuscany region.

Tiferno Mobili is proud to be able to combine the quality of manual, handicraft work with industrial, technological production, not only following the history and traditions of Umbrian and Tuscany furniture production, but at the same time adding novelty and functionality to products.

Today Tiferno Mobili offers furniture for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom furniture and accessories, as well as doors and parquet. Tiferno Mobili furniture is made from an array of different tree species: fir, walnut, alder, American tulip wood. The color range of Tiferno Mobili finishes is the result of meticulous work and deep knowledge of mixing natural pigments, searching for and creating the warmest shades, close to the natural color of the wood. The rich collection of decorative motifs and ornaments Tiferno Mobili was created by the wife of the head of the company, Suzetta Barrese, who heads the Tiferno Mobili design bureau and is a member of the Academy of Fine Arts of the city of Perugia. Each decor element from the Italian factory Tiferno Mobili is the result of a long search and research. Tiferno Mobili decors were inspired by ornaments (floral, stylized, floral-geometric), classical motifs used in decorating antique furniture and historical palaces in Italy.

A large selection of furniture items, a variety of shapes and finishes of Tiferno Mobili provide an opportunity for a creative and individual approach to the choice of furniture. With an individual choice of colors, decors, the Tiferno Mobili product becomes unique, it carries the inner world, the mood of the person making the choice.

Tiferno produces a wide range of products, kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom furniture, dressing rooms, doors, parquet.

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