Ernestomeda Italy Lead time 60 days

When Ernestomeda designing a kitchen, they also consider the context where it will be installed, taking care over every tiniest detail to ensure it fits perfectly into your world. This is essential to create a unique kitchen, in harmony with space and time.

Ernestomeda also successfully meets the needs of the contract sector on all the various export markets, in spite of their widely different demands, thanks to the breadth of its assortment. Similarly, the division that specialises in the design of galleys for Yachts, Megayachts and large pleasure craft which is proud to work with the CRN, Custom Line, Pershing, Mochi Craft and Ferretti boatbuilding yards, stars in the production of "made-tomeasure" installations, specially developed for the marine sector.

Ernestomeda works constantly to deliver a product that not only offers outstanding design but is also tough, safe and of impeccable quality. To achieve this, they perform tests on materials both in their in-house laboratory and with the aid of the best laboratories in the industry, during both the design phase and subsequent quality control procedures.

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