Talenti Italy Lead time 80 days

Tradition, creativeness and innovation are the qualities that Talenti is known for. The company mission is clear: offering to the outdoor-furniture market innovative products, which combine the artisan quality with the industry technical perfection.

Talenti company foresees the market trend. Their past can confirm this. Manufacturer of classical table tops in marble at its very beginning, today the company boasts not only this kind of product, but also a large production range including original and eye-catchy items in fiber and in metal, thanks to the collaborations with some prestigious designers like Karim Rashid, Roberto Semprini, Alessandro Fancelli, Studio Veneziano, Roberto Serio and Luigia Pace, all with the purpose of creating new and innovative projects.

Talenti’s products are inspected for quality by specialized personnel. Each shipment is accompanied by a document showing the date of the inspection and the name of the technician who performed it.

Talenti’s products satisfy those who want to cleverly enjoy common spaces such as hotel-lobbies, restaurants, bars, wellness- centers, swimming pools, beaches, etc.

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