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The Occhio luminaire brand belongs to the German lighting manufacturing company Axelmeiselicht.

15 years ago, in the mid-90s, the founder of the company, German engineer Axel Meise / Axel Meise - designer, lighting technician, planner and manager in one person - conceived to create a modular, variable, easily adaptable to the tasks of different premises in private and public space. , with the help of which everyone, whether professional or amateur, can create their own personal lighting decorations.

The outwardly laconic design of the enclosures is more than compensated for by a variety of functions and optical effects, such as directional and focused light, colored glow, etc. The Occhio light system is based on a simple combinatorial principle: different housings in combination with shades, different types of wall and ceiling mounting, as well as inserts such as lenses, diffusers, color filters, offer a rich palette of creative and constructive possibilities. The Occhio brand programs include luminaires of all formats: floor, pendant, ceiling, recessed, wall-mounted, adjustable angle, etc. Occhio light is intended for decoration of private and public spaces, restaurants, boutiques, offices, etc.

Occhio's motto, reflecting the vector of its strategic development, is “Light is evolution”, “Light as evolution”. What it means for Occhio to find light sources with maximum light output with minimum energy consumption. The most innovative solution of the Occhio concept to date is the unique experience of easy replacement of LEDs in the Occhio Piu series.

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