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The Italian furniture company Tura was founded in 1939 by the talented architect and designer Aldo Tura in the town of Lazzate in northern Italy, near Milan. The hallmark of the factory is the use of stingray leather and parchment (fine leather of special dressing) for finishing its products. With its chic design and high quality, the Tura brand occupies a leading position in the national and international luxury furniture market.

Tura produces leather furniture in Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. Today the factory offers not only individual pieces of furniture, but also collections of kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture, finished with parchment (leather). The production of furniture items and accessories by the Tura factory is characterized by the use of expensive materials. Rare wood species or unusual material combinations that create striking contrasts allow for exclusive products.

The pieces of furniture produced in the Italian factory Tura are masterpieces of cabinetmakers and are produced in limited quantities.

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