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Santa & Cole is an editing company from Barcelona, Spain. Since 1985 we have been engaged in the design and development of lighting and furniture products for hospitality, the workplace and for residential projects.

The word 'elegant' can best describe the appearance of the Santa & Cole products.

Most of the time, when we speak of uniformity of style nothing good is meant, however in the case of Santa & Cole it has the value of a compliment. The striking element of the Santa & Cole lamps is the shade that takes various shapes to perfectly adapt to each light's design. Clear lines, high-quality materials, discrete colours and a warm light colour characterise the products of the brand. In 1987, the table light Santa & Cole Básica by Santiago Rocqueta was the first to represent the brand globally. It features a minimalistic structure, a column from beech and nickel or bronze. The lamp is topped with the typical conical or cylindrical shades made from card or textile. These shades are recurrent in diverse series. Among them the famous Santa & Cole Tripode with three thin metallic rods that join under the round plissé shade. The most popular version, floor lamp Santa & Cole Trípode G5 was created in 1997. Its sister lamps Santa & Cole Trípode M3 and G6 followed respectively in 2002 and 2011.

With suspension Santa & Cole GT7, the spanish designer team demonstrates that there is no contradiction between classical shapes and contemporary style. The series Santa & Cole Dorica with elongated shade placed in the centre, Santa & Cole TM or Santa & Cole AJ Royal with laterally placed light sources or Santa & Cole Moaré with double shade show an artful variety in design. The designs by Antoni Arola are a style break within the Santa & Cole collection. For example, the suspension Santa & Cole Leonardo is made of wood stripes in scandinavian style, whereas the futuristic light crown Santa & Cole Nimba is even available with LED. Reeditions of design classics from the 60s complete the interesting product range, as for example the table lights Santa & Cole Cesta or Santa & Cole Asa by Miguel Milá. Pieces of furniture like the height adjustable Santa & Cole Subeybaja or the chair Santa & Cole Belloch are also part of the collection.

Already in the beginning the Santa & Cole team was able to demonstrate its enterprising spirit. Not only their own productions but also a collaboration with numerous talented designers contributed to the success of the company. It undertook the distribution in Spain of products by manufacturers as famous as the german Bulthaup, the swiss USM, the french La Cornue as well as the celebrated Ingo Maurer. Santa & Cole created a publishing company because the team was convinced that books were necessary to optimally describe design objects. In 2005, the publishing company Ediciones de Belloch and the manufacture went apart. Today it publishes monographies on design classics and contemporary designers and manufacturers. The fresh spirit of Santa & Cole is also to find in the streets of Barcelona since the manufacturer designed urban mobiliar in the shape of street lights, bike racks or benches. Sure enough, it contributes to the daily well-being of the Barcelonians.

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