Faguerlamp Spain Lead time 60 days

Faguerlamp S.L.U. company was built in Seville at the end of eighties, being a handcrafted enterprise, whose aim is the production and marketing of lamps.

Since its beginning, Faguerlamp relies on a large group of professionals in the lighting field, arranged to put into practice the concept of handicraft industrialization; a process through which the company starts the ambitious project of unifying the handcraft experience in making lamps with the establishment of mass production. Faguerlamp was able to create a product with a high quality craft finish and an excellent value for money.

The most interesting Faguerlamp series: Pavo Real – lace Spanish senorita; Diamante – a chandelier with realistic candle-lighting; Basalto – floor lamps with shades flipped up; Samario – lights in the shape of acacia flowers; Rodomita – chandeliers, floor lamps, ceiling lamps that are shaped like eggs; Albita – lights in the form of openwork forged.

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