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The Italian factory Maxalto is part of B&B Italia, known for its high potential for innovative design. The furniture of the Maxalto factory is, above all, harmonious traditional forms and consistently high Italian quality and is undoubtedly a recognized leader in the field of modern interior design.

"Maxalto" in translation from Italian means "very high" - this is the bar that has been set for the brand since its birth. By selecting the best varieties of cherry trees, Italian and American nuts trees, the Maxalto factory creates sofas, chairs, tables and accessories of filigree quality, with complex details and unique finishes. It is no wonder that Maxalto furniture is popular with professionals, designers and architects, as well as world celebrities.

The company Maxalto by B&B Italia sells beautiful quality furniture, which occupies a worthy place in the world market. The collections, which are based on sketches by the best designers and architects, belong to the category of interior items in the middle price segment and are available to a wide audience of consumers.

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