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Established in 1967, PUK ITALIA GROUP is an Italian family company based in Lissone, Milan area, specialized in production of high-quality outdoor architectural lighting fixtures. Company started its activity producing decorative indoor lamps, only for the Italian market. Anticipating the trend that during the next twenty years would have been the choice of many Italian companies, the management decided since the early 80’s to start a determinate process of internationalization; today almost the entire company turnover is generated by export activity. At the same time, thanks to the great capacity of technological innovation, result of a constant activity of research and development, along with the experience and know-how gained during the years, the company has gradually modified its products range, choosing to focus its business on architectural lighting for outdoor areas, which requires very high technical features of production and the use of specific materials to guarantee long-lasting life of the products offered.

PUK Italia is completely focused on the international market, main markets are Europe and Middle East. The increase in global demand for lighting solutions, with an emphasis on energy efficient sources, is reshaping the lighting industry, while the continued market expansion in the region puts the Middle East in the spotlight as global majors target Light Middle East.

PUK Italia is producing floodlights, inground lights, underwater lights, wall lights, downlights and bollards, with particular attitude to associate high-quality materials along with newest and most advanced technologies, especially with the LED products.

The high technological level, the constant research and development activity together with the experience and know-how acquired over the years, have allowed PUK Italia to modify and improve its products over time. All articles have been tested by EN 60529 european norm. More than this, mechanical tests have been carried out by European or Italian Certified Institutes. Salt spray (saline fog) Testing and Corrosion Test are regularly carried on most of the products UNI ISO 9227. Water resistance test (IEC 529 norm) IP protective degree rating. 5 years LONG LIFE warranty is valid for all articles.

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