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Twils is a brand of Veneta Cuscini, created in 1982. The name is an abbreviation of the names of the founders of the factory - Tiziano, Wilma, Luisella and Simone Carnieletto and symbolizes the direct desire of this family of entrepreneurs to provide their customers with quality and competitive products.

Enthusiasm, competence, creativity and innovation are the most striking qualities of the Twils brand, which produces soft beds and accessories: benches, ottomans, sofas, chairs and linens. The company uses a wide range of fabrics (about 400 options) to upholster 45 bed models in various sizes and can customize custom sizes upon request. Each Twils model is created to offer the client who chooses the exquisite beauty of a high-quality soft bed, comfort, durability (10-year warranty), ergonomics and convenience.

Twils factory specialists care not only about the comfort and healthy sleep of our customers, but also about their health, which is possible only in a clean environment. It is for this purpose that the upholstery and fillings used in Twils furniture are absolutely harmless. Environmentally friendly filler for sofas, armchairs and ottomans will help maintain health, so Twils beds can be installed in the interior of a nursery.

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