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Croce, a company where the real star of the entire collection is the wood itself. Solid and thick, planed by hand, its surfaces, which retain the marks of the tools used to work them, evoke the antique finishes of the wood furnishings that have accompanied humankind throughout its history. Antiquity also informs the coatings, which leave the wood soft to the touch, alive, with the rhythms of the grain fully visible.

The collections make historical references that range from the Middle Ages, origin of the ogival forms we see in the earliest Italian furniture, to the Renaissance, where the love for Classicism generated rational forms that recall the stylistic signatures of the most important Italian architects. In other cases the line softens and sweeps, thick becomes thin and heavy light, inspired by the Baroque culture and freely reinterpreted through rigorous formal simplification.

Some of the containers, benches and tables revisit the furnishings of monasteries on the one hand, or the palazzi of the nobility on the other, both of which share a supreme simplicity and elegance of line. Furnishing elements of imposing proportions, which integrate naturally into period homes, also create an original dynamic in more contemporary spaces, a synthesis of old and new styles and materials. Manual skill, knowledge of materials and design experience combine to make Croce's production the fruit of a profound link between tradition and a love for wood, quality furniture that is as unique as the people who make it and those who own it.

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